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Italian migrant hotspot on the brink of collapse Following Almost a Million migrants disembark

The government on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa is calling for urgent aid after bulk migrant arrivals over the weekend pushed its hotspots into the edge of collapse.

“Lampedusa is not able to deal with this circumstance,” mayor Totò Martello told German news agency ANSA.

“Either the government takes immediate conclusions or the entire island will go on the attack. We can’t handle the crisis and the problem is currently actually stern,” he explained.

Approximately 370 migrants disembarked on Saturday night around the southern Italian island.

Their ship was seen off the shore by the Italian Coastguard and has been in danger of sinking because of strong winds.

The migrants, whose viability isn’t yet understood, disembarked in tiny classes before undergoing coronavirus evaluations and being moved to a reception center.

Another 500 migrants came on the overburdened island Friday on”about 30 small boats largely in the Tunisian coast”, news agency AFP said quoting Italian press.

Lampedusa now allegedly houses around 1,160 migrants, six times the quantity of its highest capacity.

Before this week Sicily’s governor Nello Musumeci ordered the close of migrant centers in the area after camps became too cramped to keep social bookmarking steps and a few migrants tested positive for COVID-19

“Sicily can’t continue to pay [for] the indifference of both Brussels and the silence of Rome”, he explained.

Migrants murdered in a migrant boat fire
Italian state TV station RAI reported that the four migrants died after a fire broke out to a migrant sailboat on Sunday.

The blaze was allegedly triggered by gas on the boat, which triggered an explosion that sent up a pillar of smoke which could be observed by bathers in a shore near Crotone, in the southern region of Calabria.

It’s uncertain whether the death was caused by the fire or from drowning. Other migrants are allegedly missing.

Many of these were hurt, RAI reported, while two Italian Coast Guard officers endured leg and burn injuries.

LaPresse news service said that the boat had roughly 20 migrants aboard.