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Italian Physician treats coronavirus patients in home

Italian physician Luigi Cavanna, a senior oncologist at Piacenza has been combating with the coronavirus by treating patients in the home.

Cavanna, who’s located in the Emilia-Romagna area that borders the hardest-hit regions of the nation, hurried to assist in the struggle against the virus, also like most colleagues, watched emergency wards and intensive care units filling to power early on.

When a resident called COVID-like symptoms, Cavanna and his coworkers visited her in the home, conducted an ultrasound evaluation on her torso and promptly prescribed antifungal drugs commonly utilized to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ever since that time, only over 100 patients are treated at home by Cavanna along with his group.

Greater than 10% of the patients needed to be admitted into the hospital, with an overwhelming majority reacting well to home treatment and healing.

What has become known as the”Piacenza version” has inspired coworkers in his area?

The local health jurisdiction and the Emilia Romagna’s regional government are putting together teams tasked with monitoring and treating COVID-19 patients in the home.

Cavanna expects that the strategy followed by him and his colleagues will probably be replicated by other people.

Other Italian areas have got in contact to learn more about the plan, which might be particularly successful in regions that have been affected up to now by the outbreak.