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Italy: 18 bodies Arranged to be exhumed amid probe to Maintenance House’s handling of COVID-19 Emergency

Prosecutors in Italy have arranged that the bodies of 18 older individuals be exhumed amid a probe into a care home’s managing of this coronavirus pandemic.

The move is associated with an investigation into suspected COVID-19 deaths in Montecchio Emilia, one of the worst-hit cities in the northern province of Reggio Emilia.

The figures have been arranged to be exhumed so autopsies could be performed

Investigators wish to determine whether these deaths were caused by any neglect. They suspect the coronavirus outbreak at the care home might have begun when an older individual was taken there after being infected in the hospital.

Based on the ANSA news agency, five individuals are under investigation regarding the circumstance, for instance, local parish priest and the manager of their maintenance home.

Approximately 3,800 individuals are known to have died from COVID-19 in care homes around Italy however, the total may be higher because many taxpayers have yet to be examined.

Around 600 care homes are now under analysis in the nation above the handling of their coronavirus outbreak and this is among the latest ones.

Meanwhile, fresh coronavirus clusters have been surfacing across Italy, including in Rome, in which over 120 cases have been confirmed in one of the capital’s hospitals. Prosecutors are currently looking into the way the epidemic might have begun at the center, in which protocols are usually quite rigorous.

Sicily’s governor also stated on Wednesday the 28 migrants that had been rescued at sea had tested positive for the coronavirus. The migrants were held on a boat off Porto Empedocle.

Sicily Governor Nello Musumeci stated in a Facebook article the positive tests confirmed that he was right to need particular at-sea quarantine measures for migrants, to avoid new illness clusters in the nation.