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Italy PM announces Strategy to Facilitate coronavirus lockdown

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated on Sunday (local time) the production, wholesale and construction industries are going to have the ability to return to work commencing on May 4.

Also beginning from May 4, most individuals will be permitted to go to their relatives provided that they wear masks, whereas parks and public gardens will reopen and individuals are going to have the ability to go jogging or bicycle riding farther than 200 yards in their houses, Conte said in a nationally televised address.

The Prime Minister made the comments before the conclusion of their federal lockdown on May 3, and that’s to be followed closely by what he called Stage 2.

Funerals will be permitted but no more than 15 participants provided that social distancing prerequisites are fulfilled. All companies will need to follow strict workplace security protocols.

Conte explained that the government has given the cost of surgical masks at 50 euro cents per year to reduce speculation and guaranteed “massive support” steps for companies and the tourism industry to reopen the market through Stage 2.

“If you like Italy, keep your inter-personal safety space to maintain the new coronavirus pandemic at bay. We are just about to embark upon the stage of living with this virus. We have to be conscious that the curve of this contagion could return up in certain areas of the nation,” he added.

“The threat is there and we have to take it methodically and rigorously. That is the reason why during Stage 2, it’ll be more important to keep up the inter-personal security distance of a minimum of one meter,” that the Prime Minister further said.

“If we don’t respect the space, the curve will return up and it might go out of control. Our deaths will grow and in the stage, the harm to our market can become irreversible.

Based on Sputnik, Italy has listed 260 coronavirus-related deaths within the previous 24 hours, that’s the smallest amount of daily deaths filed since March 14, the nation’s civil defense department said in a statement on Sunday.