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Italy Recalls the victims of This Bologna Massacre 40 years on

Italy on Sunday honored the victims of the Bologna massacre in which 85 people were killed and 200 were wounded 40 decades back.

It’s the deadliest assault in Italy since the end of World War Two.

On the second of August in 1980, a strong explosion ripped aside the waiting area of Bologna’s central railroad station.

Convictions continue to the day, indicating it’s uncertain who was behind the assault.

It happened at a time of political chaos in Italy and broader Europe. Attacks in the far-right and far-left were common between the 1960s and early eighties.

The interval is known in Italy since the Anni di Piombo, the Years of Lead.

Authorities finally reasoned that the Spartan fascist group NAR, Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, headed by 21-year-old Francesca Mambro, was behind the assault and the other far-right group, Terza Posizione.

However, Mambro asserts she’s innocent to this afternoon. Other people say the assault was caused by collusion between state officials, far-right terrorists, along with other representatives enacting what was called the Plan of Tension to maintain communists from power.

The remembrance service was attended by Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella, who re-stated the demand for complete justice and truth.

Suspects continue to be sentenced to the day, indicating the circumstance is not fully closed.

As recently as January 2020, Gilberto Cavallini, a 67-year-old former NAR member, was convicted of supplying logistical support for the bombing and sentenced to life in prison.