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Italy’s Coast Guard rescuing sperm fish entangled into fishing take off Sicily coast

Italy’s Coast Guard is attempting to spare a sperm whale entangled in a fishing net from the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago situated close to the northern shore of Sicily.

The cetacean was seen in trouble by boaters on Saturday, prompting the Coast Guard’s intervention.

The operation has entailed sailors, biologists, and lots of patrol ships.

Authorities said the rescue is tough due to the creature’s enormous size and it’s own”state of agitation”, which doesn’t permit to get a continuative safe intervention.

Other sperm whales obtained rescued in precisely the exact same place on July 7 after staying trapped in similar conditions.

The Coast Guard said it captured over 100 kilometers of prohibited nets from the southern Tyrrhenian sea as January; these nets are much like the one that the sperm whale got trapped on Saturday, it said.

The organization said in that a Facebook article it’s ramped up efforts to fight illegal fishing.