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‘It’s a Really disappointing night,’ says Labour Pioneer Corbyn after losing Crucial Chairs to Conservatives

Labor figures responded with dismay to crucial losses and also an exit survey that called a poor defeat for the opposition party.

“That is an extremely disappointing night for the Labour Party,” Corbyn confessed.

He explained he wouldn’t lead the party to some upcoming election but stated he wouldn’t resign immediately.

He explained a transition to new leadership was coming.

“Sorry, we could not provide you with a Labour Party that you may anticipate,” Labour candidate Caroline Flint said because she clarified that Corbyn’s fans would blame the losses Brexit while remain-supporters would attribute Corbyn.

Labour candidate Ruth Smeeth stated on Sky News it was “dreadful, tragic nighttime to the Labour party.”

Matthew Goodwin explained his perspective of the party’s failure describing the challenge is it’s breaking into several parties. In his opinion, it is not quite as straightforward as replacement Jeremy Corbyn.

It was likewise a rough night for the Liberal Democrats whose chief Jo Swinson dropped her chair in East Dunbartonshire.

Swinson explained the results were important and that the gains for the party and SNP revealed”nationalism” on either side.