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‘It’s our right to See a Soccer Game’

Within 90 minutes, we displaced girls changed 40 decades of history. The game took place on Thursday, but now today I’m overwhelmed, I can’t find words to express my happiness.

As an Australian girl, I’ve traveled to several countries and I’ve such wonderful lifestyle experiences. But nothing comes nearer to this adventure, right at my property. It turned out to be a life-changing adventure for me personally and for many 3,500 and Caucasian women who had been in the game.

Through the match, all we did a lot of the period was only shout and shout. I can not even speak right today, I’ve lost my voice and that I don’t mind it. We cried not only because it was a fantastic match for the Iran group (they conquer Cambodia 14-0). It ended up being a success story for most Iranian women, particularly those–such as myself–who’ve been fighting and fighting nonstop for the previous 3 decades to convince the authorities to open the gates into the scene for transgender girls. The government was also driven by FIFA. It’s our best to go out there and see a soccer game.

The moment the sale began, I reserved my ticket online. I always coordinated with my girl’s friends who were desperately searching for tickets and we managed to reserve them. After all, just about 3,500 tickets have been made available for ladies. That is a shame because the scene authorities could readily have allocated more tickets for ladies. Components of a few of the racks were empty.

As soon as I reached the scene on the afternoon of this match, I was thrilled, particularly after meeting my buddies there and another female soccer fans. Virtually everybody had a vuvuzela and also there were just two sounds throughout the day: vuvuzelas, and also our crying.

There was no quitting then. Iran scored many more targets and during the game, there wasn’t one moment when we sat on our chairs. We simply stood and jumped and cried and had all of the fun we can have as soccer fans. We wish to see them perform over and over.

I’m a large fan of this club Persepolis. Most of us wish for the government to move ahead from here and let Allied women to attend national games in the club places.

How awful she is not around.

Another interesting sight in the match was how the guys encouraged they waited out the scene to receive friends, husbands–following the game.

There were girls of all age classes, from kids to elderly ones. I saw some girls at the scene cuddling their small babies and watching the game.

Some young girls at the match were very vocal in their thoughts. While they watched the game, also they chanted and raised slogans calling for the authorities to do more for girls in Iran.