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Jack Dorsey, Rihanna set up $4.2 million Award to Assist domestic violence victims

Dorsey and CLF every given $2.1 million for its grant intended to help deal with the present catastrophe for domestic violence victims in Los Angeles.

Specifically, these resources will provide 10 months of support such as shelter, food and counseling for people and their children experiencing domestic violence in some time when lands are full and events are on the increase, CLF stated on Friday.

Though they’re beginning in Los Angeles, victims of domestic violence exist all over the Earth, so this is merely the start, the organization stated.

The Los Angeles Housing Authority has decided that roughly 90 individuals each week (along with their kids, in most instances ) have been turned off from domestic violence shelters in Los Angeles because the”Safer at Home Order” was issued because of COVID-19.

At roughly $125 daily, the ban will pay for food and housing for 90 domestic violence sufferers each week, using an extra 90 victims each week thereafter for 10 weeks.

It’s projected that over 10 million individuals experience domestic violence in America.

Every calendar year and the number of homicides related to domestic violence has been rising since 2010.

Before this month, Dorsey declared he was devoting $1 billion of his equity in Square to assist finance COVID-19 relief efforts, women education and health, and Universal Basic Income pilot programs.

Before this, CLF announced $5 million in grants to on-the-ground partners working on the frontlines of this coronavirus response to safeguard and prepare vulnerable and marginalized communities in the USA, the Caribbean and in Africa for whom the complete effect of the pandemic remains to emerge.