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Jackie Chan Shows secrets from Enter The Dragon, States’Pretended to be in pain so Bruce Lee Retains me for More’

Last updated on September 23, 2019

Veteran action star Jackie Chan has shown that throughout the filming Enter the Dragon he pretended to be in pain to be near-legendary British artist Bruce Lee. At a movie shared with Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee on Instagram, Chan recalled him as a committed and worried co-actor.

“I was youthful performing’ Enter the Dragon’ fighting Bruce Lee. I had been behind the camera and I’d see Bruce Leeā€¦ Then I raced and it was black before my eyes. He’d struck only 1 stick right in my mind. I felt dizzy and I looked in Bruce Lee he maintained acting before the manager explained cut,” Chan explained.

I wasn’t in pain anymore. I had been a young man and quite tough. However, I pretended to be in pain that Bruce Lee retains me as long as he could. I kept dreading the entire afternoon,” he added.