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Jailed Catalan separatist leader says new referendum unavoidable

The Catalan separatist leader struck by the heaviest prison sentence by Spain’s Supreme Court because of his part in the area’s failed secession bidding told Reuters a fresh referendum on autonomy was inevitable.

The courtroom on Monday slapped the prison sentence, 13 decades, on Junqueras. The convictions sparked protests throughout the area.

“What I am confident of is that this battle is to be solved via ballot boxes… we’re convinced that sooner or after a referendum is unavoidable as otherwise, how do we provide a voice to the taxpayers?” He wrote from prison, including he didn’t repent getting organized a referendum in 2017.

In his first meeting following the sentence, Junqueras told Reuters he and others intended to appeal the sentences together with the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg. When asked what message He’d contribute to the liberty movement following the Legislation, Junqueras explained:

“That we’ll continue rather than give up since we never have and will not do it today. That prison and exile have left us more powerful and makes us increasingly confident, if that’s possible, within our profoundly democratic beliefs”

Junqueras’ answers were sent to Reuters by his team late on Monday.

“I am convinced that this sentence won’t weaken the freedom movement, rather the opposite,” he explained.

Catalonia’s freedom drive has turned into a significant struggle for Spain for decades, bringing worldwide attention when separatist leaders and ran a referendum on secession in October 2017 plus a subsequent brief announcement of independence.