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James Franco accused of sexual Abuse by 2 ex-students of the Movie institute in Litigation

Two girls filed a civil suit against Hollywood celebrity James Franco on Thursday, accusing him of conducting a false movie school where young girls eager to progress their acting careers were duped into auditioning shooting or nude explicit sex scenes.

Franco’s lawyer, Michael Plonsker, said in a statement that his client hadn’t been served with the litigation, which he called”ill-informed.”

“James won’t just completely defend himself but may also seek compensation against the plaintiffs and their attorneys for submitting this scurrilous publicity searching litigation,” Plonsker explained.

According to the suit, the 2 girls, actresses Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal, stated they registered in Franco’s film school in 2014. They detained Franco and two other guys related to his manufacturing company and faculty of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, fraud and other wrongdoing.

Franco and his colleagues were”devoting the chance to aspiring celebrities of work in film and tv,” the suit said.

“Franco’s goals were duped to cover their exploitation via a deceptive’acting college’ (Studio 4) made to gain Franco and his creation firms wherein job opportunities for girls allegedly increased when they consented to overt sexual acts, nudity and acting in sexual scenes – often within an orgy form setting,” the suit stated.

Pupils were invited to pay $750 to combine with a sex scenes master course at the college and needed to audition naked or partially nude, ” the suit stated.

After finishing the course, Tither-Kaplan was given a part in a job where Franco appeared in an orgy scene with girls. He eliminated plastic guards covering actresses’ vaginas while mimicking oral sex, ” the lawsuit said.

The litigation seeks class-action standing on behalf of other girls who attended the faculty, also seeks unspecified financial damages.

The litigation also mentioned a remark made by Franco in early January 2018 within a look on Stephen Colbert’s”The Late Show” days later he faced accusations of sexual misconduct on Twitter. He had been requested on the show to comment on accusations made against him social networking.

The litigation, mentioned his remark, “When I’ve done something wrong, I’ll repair it. I must.” The lawsuit stated that Franco and many others had”committed egregious wrongs” to student celebrities who had”done nothing to resolve those wrongs.”