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Jane Fonda honoured in the 10th Lumiere Film Festival

Last updated on September 2, 2019

Actress and activist Jane Fonda Was Given the prestigious Prix Lumiere in the Lumiere Film Festival.

Known for her resistance to the Vietnam war, Fonda played a tune sung by soldiers leaving the military.

The people are in the centre of the week of masterclasses and screenings at Lyon, the French town called the birthplace of theatre.

“For me, the best pleasure would be to return to the origin, to the roots of theatre. It is important now, in which everything goes quickly, where everything goes too quickly, to stop and look a bit at the course before,” explained James Thierry.

“It is also a public festival, even once we go and watch a movie we are with the general public. That takes me back to when I was young and dreaming about becoming a celebrity,” explained French celebrity, Tahar Rahim.

Javier Bardem was among those festival’s guests of honour, providing a masterclass and introducing five movies.

Bardem’s 2012 documentary’Sons of the Clouds’ appeared in the plight of refugees from Western Sahara, a topic that stays near his heart.

“Europe should stop cursing and pointing the finger in these fighting NGOs such as Open Arms – with Aquarius – they are saving lives, saving lives isn’t a crime, saving lives is an individual right and they’re committing those immigrants that are sinking into the oceans the privilege to reside,” he insisted.

Included in her anti-war activism, Fonda visited cities near US military bases and Donald Sutherland in the 1970s. The excursion has been made to a documentary,’ FTA’.

“It is not the festival that’s political, it is the movies,” states Fremaux.

“Many people were unaware that Jane Fonda, from the 1970s, was extremely militant, phone tapped from the FBI and picked up from law enforcement. She places her status as a superstar at the ceremony of pacifist convictions,” lasted Fremaux.

In total, 187 movies are screened in sure 40 places across Lyon in what is among the most significant classic film festivals in the world.

“There’s a sea of movies, there’s infinite programming since the history of theatre is filled with treasures,” reasoned Fremaux.