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Japan GP: Max Verstappen blames’Reckless’ Charles Leclerc for Crash

Max Verstappen accused Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc of Reckless driving in the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday Following a first-lap Crash between Both Place the Red Bull driver from the race. The 22-year-old Dutch motorist also challenged the stewards’ answer, using an initial announcement they were taking no additional action before they decided to summon both motorists later.

The stewards finally handed Leclerc post-race time fines totaling 15 minutes for 2 episodes, dropping him to seventh position from sixth in the chequered flag.

“On my side, I do not believe I really could have done anything else there.

“The bizarre thing is that originally they do not even explore it, I suggest my entire car is ruined. The entire side. There were holes in the face of the automobile. And then they begin to explore it but now it is following the race.

“I mean, what more if he (Leclerc) would get a punishment? I enjoy tough racing but I do not believe that was challenging racing. This was only reckless driving into two.”

The Monegasque had begun on the front, with team partner Sebastian Vettel on rod, but equally, Ferraris made bad begins with Bottas yanking the guide to Mercedes to the corner.

Verstappen had left a powerful beginning, from the next row, at a house race for Red Bull’s engine associate Honda.

The stewards found Leclerc to be mainly to blame for the crash, imposing a five-second punishment and 2 penalty points.

Another 10 moments were for continued to push with a vehicle in an unsafe state.

At first, gridVettel moved marginally before the lights went out and then ceased, escaping punishment since his tires didn’t cross the line to activate a detector — a conclusion Verstappen also contested.

“Just seeing the footage back from Seb’s beginning — I mean he moves, he quits,” he explained.

“The rule states you can’t move, and that is alright because he did not gain an edge they stated. I truly don’t know what is happening now with all the rules.”

Leclerc defended himself said it was a tricky scenario’.

I understeered being behind Seb and Lewis after which we touched; I do not understand what occurred from the complete scenario from the exterior, and that I want to check it,” he explained.