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Jared Leto Allegedly’alienated and Angry’ from Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Film

Actor Jared Leto was allegedly alienated and angry about Warner Bros’ choice to greenlight a Royal Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, which premiered on October 2 in India.

According to a Hollywood Reporter deep-dive to the making of this standalone Joker film,”(studio manager Kevin), Tsujihara greenlit Joker, that cost less than $70 million, leaving Jared Leto — who played with Joker at Suicide Squad — alienated and angry from the movement.”

It was reported that a lot of his job was left on the cutting room floor after the studio ran large scale last-minute reshoots. Leto, an Oscar-winner, had previously said he was also confused about the future of his participation from the DC Extended Universe.

In a meeting article the statement of Phoenix’s Joker movie, he had said, “I am somewhat confused, too. He had added, “that I like the Joker. He is a fantastic personality and a very interesting character to play with. Nonetheless, it is a huge universe and if you play with the Joker, there is no possession there. You have the honor of holding the baton for some time and then passing off it. There are other movies which are in evolution and I am eager to see what comes out of them.”

Two other films featuring Leto’s Joker were allegedly in the works, however, there’s been no upgrade about either of these. Phoenix’s Joker, meanwhile, was fulfilled with divisive reactions, together with compliments directed in the celebrity performance. A soft-reboot of Suicide Squad is presently filming under the leadership of James Gunn, but Leto has not been mentioned in some of those throw statements.