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Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife says he put a gun in his mouth, Then threatened to kill Himself and Her

According to records filed in a courtroom, Pacheco, who divorced and married Renner in 2014, claimed the actor once place a gun in his mouth and threatened to shoot himself reported.

Pacheco also accuses Renner of alleged drug usage in addition to psychological and verbal abuse.

The ex-couple now has the joint custody of Ava however Pacheco has petitioned for custody in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Renner has also filed court records, asserting that Pacheco is afflicted by mental health issues. He explained Pacheco is bitter in their union being a loser and is presently searching to get”money grab”. Renner also promised that his former partner bragged to her friends that she’d”ripped an Avenger”, talking about the actor’s turn as Hawkeye at Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

An agent of Renner has also published a statement, at which the celebrity denied that the”one-sided” claims leveled by Pacheco. “The well-being of the daughter Ava has ever been and has been the principal focus for Jeremy.

“This is an issue for the court to decide. It is essential to be aware that the dramatizations created in Sonni’s announcement are a one-sided account created out of a certain purpose in mind,” his spokesperson said.