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Joaquin Phoenix urges New York to Discharge Offenders amid coronavirus pandemic

Last updated on April 20, 2020

American celebrity Joaquin Phoenix is known for New York to launch some prison inmates, in light of this COVID-19 pandemic.

The 45-year-old on Tuesday shared his ideas at a tweet published by the Release Aging Individuals in Prison Campaign.

The lives of a lot of men and women rely on their actions. Nobody wants to die in prison out of COVID-19.”

Earlier in the movie, he explained, “The spread of coronavirus in prisons endangers the wellbeing and security of all people.”

“When you are incarcerated there is no such thing as social distancing and ensuring excellent hygiene isn’t an alternative. Leaders have to do everything possible to stop incarcerated people and people working in prisons from getting sick and spreading the virus,” the actor added.

According to Fox News, as of Tuesday, there were almost 600,000 instances of this coronavirus in the USA and only over 25,000 deaths.