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Joaquin Phoenix Utilizes F-word from Joker cinematographer in BTS video, apologises If Jimmy Kimmel airs it

Actor Joaquin Phoenix felt”somewhat embarrassed” with his diva behavior on the collections of Joker. Through a meeting with host Jimmy Kimmel, the celebrity was amazed by an outtake from his film Joker, delivered around to Kimmel’s series by director Todd Phillips.

The movie revealed an annoyed Phoenix sniping in the movie’s cinematographer Lawrence Sher. Clad in his Joker get-up (green hair, clown make-up), Phoenix is observed telling Sher to quit distracting him. “The continuous whispering,” he explained from the clip. I am looking for something real”

“It is not an insult,” Phoenix said of this new nickname. “Cher? She is a singer, celebrity, dancer, style celebrity. How is a bull **king insult?” Then he proceeded to storm away place and from the camera.

Following the brief video wrapped, the celebrity was flustered. “Sometimes pictures get extreme since you are many individuals in a little area and you are looking for something, therefore it can feel extreme.”

“This was supposed to be personal,” he continued. “I am a bit embarrassed, I am sorry about that. I am sorry you guys had to find that.”