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John Cusack Confronts police batons, Has sprayed with pepper spray when filming Chicago protests

He realized the authorities assaulted his bicycle with batons for filming a burning automobile.

“Cops did not enjoy me filming the burning car they came with batons. Hitting my bicycle. Am here is the sound,” he wrote in his conversation and attached a movie of his altercation with the authorities. John wrote in a different tweet he had been’stuck’ with pepper spray also. “I have not seen tear gas – but had been struck by pepper spray – do not understand the way the curfew could be initiated at nine with bridges blocked CTA not operating – Be out tonight a to find out what I could,” he wrote. From the movie that the cop could be heard yelling at John to proceed with loud clanging sounds. “Alright, okay,” John informs him.

The US was through five nights of civil unrest which has spread to various cities after the death of a black guy shown on movie gasping for breath because a whitened Minneapolis policeman knelt on his throat.

John is convinced the protest won’t end soon. “Could be quite surprised if this is a one or two days event / that could well be the start of the end of trump loathsome age – thank god -seems just like many flows of outrage coming into a mind – a tide peaking -Chicago scene was all about becoming to trump tower the majority of the day,” he wrote at a tweet.

Chicago’s mayor has declared that an overnight curfew in town running out of 9 p.m. Saturday before 6 a.m. Sunday, and she says authorities will crack down any violence. Mayor Lori Lightfoot claims that tranquil protesting over the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has”devolved into criminal behavior.”