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Johnny Depp joins Instagram, amasses Almost 2 million followers

The actor, famous for being evasive, combined the social networking platform on Thursday.

His first article was a photo of him sitting on a wooden seat, surrounded by candles. “Hello everybody‚Ķ filming something for you today‚Ķ gimme a moment,” Depp captioned the picture. After a couple of hours, he created an eight-minute-long IGTV video, where he spoke about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and published the Isolation cover.

“Now’s the time to start up a dialogue since the threat of the invisible enemy has caused immeasurable tragedies and tremendous harm to people’s lifestyles. I believe we must attempt and help each other during these dark days, these stressful times — for people we love, for our area, for me personally, for the entire world and the long run,” Depp, 56. said.

“We can’t and shouldn’t succumb to shutting down and giving into what seems like hellish quarantine monotony. Produce something now that will benefit yourselves and other people tomorrow. Do whatever you believe may be of use to brighten somebody’s day. Draw, paint, read, think, learn, create a picture in your phone, play an instrument should you play with if you do not, understand,” he added.

Depp then disclosed that he’s been focusing on a new album within the last couple of years using former Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck, who played the celebrity on the Isolation cover. “The profundity of the lyrics seems like Jeff and me particularly fitting for what is happening at this time. The tune about isolation, anxiety, and also the existential threat to our planet, therefore we wanted to provide the tune to you,” Depp said concerning the trail written by Lennon.

“We both expect in our manner, it makes it possible to get through those odd times that we are experiencing, even though it merely helps to pass time as we survive isolation collectively,” he further added.