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Johnson’will Inquire’ EU to Get Brexit Expansion if no Price agreed

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Boris Johnson will write to the EU looking for another Brexit extension if a deal hasn’t yet been consented by October 19, based on government documents submitted to a Scottish courtroom.

It contradicts the UK’s prime minister’s past claims he’d”rather be dead in a ditch” than request a Brexit expansion beyond October 31.

British MPs passed laws — that Johnson describes as the”Surrender Act” — last month which induce the PM to inquire Brussels to kick at the Brexit deadline farther down the street if a bargain isn’t consented around the time of an EU summit in mid-October.

Johnson insists, nevertheless, the UK will depart the EU, with or without a deal, at the end of the month.

However, this claim was brought into doubt with a legal struggle in Scotland that attempts to impose”penalties and imprisonment” if Johnson doesn’t comply with the laws.

In submissions to the court, the authorities said that Johnson confessed he was not able to send a letter to the EU requesting a delay and, if an extension was granted, Britain would likewise agree for it.

“In case neither of those terms set out… is fulfilled he’ll send a letter in the form set out in the program by no more than 19 October 2019,” stated the record posted on Twitter from Jo Maugham, an anti-Brexit attorney involved with the situation.

Separately, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar stated on Friday that he’d consider an expansion to the when the UK asked one, adding an expansion could be more preferable to the UK popping from the EU.

“But when the UK authorities were to ask an expansion, naturally, we’d think about it. However, I believe most EU nations would just think about it for a fantastic reason, therefore would need to be put forward. But surely, an expansion could be much better than no deal’,” he explained.

His many contradictory statements remain unsolved, prompting speculation he will seek out a legal escape route or pressure the EU into needing an automatic expansion petition.

Friday’s court case comes just over a week later Johnson was humiliated using a landmark Supreme Court ruling he had suspended parliament unlawfully.