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Jonathan Coe: Brexit May Start a Dialogue Britain needs to Possess itself

Described as a state-of-the-nation book, it records the rift in British culture following the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The British author received his award in a ceremony at the European Parliament, also Euronews took the chance to listen to his perspectives regarding the united kingdom general election this Thursday (December 12).

The topics he covers, which he claims are felt across Europe, are all about the politics of identity, globalization, and nationalism.

Coe told he considers Boris Johnson’s Conservatives will probably be re-elected but “we’re in for a very rugged and confrontational five decades”, and”becoming Brexit done will take decades”.

From the UK he asserts that a citizens’ meeting may be a method of bridging the gap between direct democracy — voiced from the referendum vote to leave the EU — and representative democracy, as evidenced by parliament.

The first book betrays his adventures in a boys’ college in Birmingham, with a musical background of 70s prog-rock but also a concrete polemical background of government job cuts impact the working classes.

In 2013 he printed the overtly comic book Expo’58, which charts the experiences of a young Brit working in the 1958 Brussels planet honest.