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‘Just like a grenade has gone ‘: Celiac disease Specialist recounts his own Battle with’Extended COVID’

For many folks, COVID-19 is a somewhat mild and short-term disorder.

One of these is Paul Garner, that happens to become an epidemiologist specialized in infectious diseases in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He recorded his battle with”extended COVID” from the British medical journal that the BMJ earlier this year, describing it as”a roller coaster of ill-health, extreme feelings, and utter fatigue”.

Before he developed symptoms of COVID-19 in March,” Garner says that he used to conduct a good deal and would do army exercise exercises. He anticipated developing just a mild form of the disease.

“However, it floored me,” Garner, that has been sick for over half an hour, told Euronews.

“it is a tiny bit like a grenade has gone off on your palms, and there is damage to your cells all around the area, and you are busy trying to recuperate and work out exactly what it is,” he clarified.

“It is the immunological response, virtually the body over-responding into the condition, also it is attempting to protect you. It attempts to prevent you from doing a lot of, to permit the body time to recuperate.”

“So the remedy for a whole lot people is really becoming somewhat cautious, eating well, resting and doing some gentle exercise to maintain ourselves mobile”