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Just what Will Be Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?

Last updated on November 2, 2019

The strategy has fostered over 6,000 business relationships within the previous five years with the purpose of attaining 10,000 by 2020.

Business Earth talked to Massimo Avantaggiato who will help to coordinate with the EYE program at Italy’s southeastern Puglia area.

What’s Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs?
“it is a European program linked to trade between entrepreneurs, specifically new or aspiring entrepreneurs out of 1 side, and on the other, seasoned entrepreneurs through this programme that they have chance to exchange expertise.”

What are the key advantages for its participants?
“First of all, we could discuss the cultural advantages, since you’ve got the chance to exchange experience with individuals coming from different nations from other financial systems. From a technical perspective, new entrepreneurs, or even aspiring entrepreneurs, they have the chance to learn at work, to find out in training from a seasoned entrepreneur. The seasoned entrepreneur, in their side, they have the chance to keep in contact with the new motivated new entrepreneur”

What is the satisfaction degree? What type of reaction have you had from the men and women who take part in the program?
Who’s eligible to share in this programme?
New or aspiring entrepreneurs and professional entrepreneurs on the opposing side. There’s not any age limitation. There’s not any business limitation. The plan is directed towards SMEs, just SMEs, coming from among those, yet now, 28 member states of the European Union, but also out of, the way to state, European lands.

If I am interested in getting involved in this program. How do I learn more?
“There is just 1 response – the site. The program is sensible. It is all handled via the site. It’s possible to discover the first info. Secondly, a practical manual for constructing your application. And next, all of the training action, for constructing the connection, etc, are managed via the site.”