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Justin Trudeau wins Canada election, loses majority

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won another term at a very strong showing in Canada’s national elections, asserting that a”clear mandate” on Tuesday despite having a parliament and country increasingly fractured along regional lines.

Meaning it will need to rely upon an opposition party to pass laws.

Following the narrow success, Trudeau appeared on stage at Montreal and exclaimed in French, “What an incredible night!”

With results trickling in, the Liberals had 157 chairs – 13 brief of 170 needed to get most in the 338-seat House – although the Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer, had 121.

Following the triumph, Trudeau struck a conciliatory note, saying, “To those who didn’t vote for us know that we’ll work every day to you, we’ll govern for everybody.”

Approximately four hours after starting started, it became evident that the Liberals were planning to emerge as the biggest party. Liberals were optimistic after the triumph, having averted the requirement for forming a coalition with other parties.

Trudeau, 47, sought following a succession of scandals had slightly dimmed his allure of late.

Modi congratulates Trudeau after triumph

“Congratulations @JustinTrudeau. India and Canada are linked by shared values and a solid commitment to democracy in addition to plurality. Looking forward to working together to further strengthen bilateral connections,” Modi tweeted.