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Kareena Kapoor Shows how Saroj Khan scolded her, recreates Dil Mera on Dance India Dance.

Last updated on September 18, 2019

At a movie shared on the internet, Kareena is viewed reciting one-liners because she recalls how Saroj used to scold her through her morning in Bollywood.

Zee TV, the station that broadcasts Dance India Dance, has shared that he movie. Host Karan Wahi requested both Kareena and Saroj to narrate some memories from their past. Kareena states in the movie, “A Ladki, Kamar hila? She proceeds to describe how she had been fearful of Saroj’s chidings.

“it’s quite tricky to impress her (Saroj Khan)! Throughout the shoot of Refugee, Masterji explained that you do not understand how to transfer your hands and thighs, how can you decide to become a celebrity! You’re Karisma’s sister. I advised her (Saroj Khan)’However, I do not understand how to dance, Masterji’. She then told me in case you can not transfer your hands and thighs you want to dance along with your face. She was able to ask me to watch her carefully and observe her face when she was able to execute a whole tune with her expressions. This is why every heroine is getting a heroine now – it’s simply due to Master Ji’s expressions.

She revealed, “I’d like to lock myself in the restroom and practice all Master Ji’s sayings as my mom always said if I need to be a celebrity, I need to just watch Master Ji’s tunes and watch the close-ups of all of the heroines. I used to practice them and I believe that is the main reason we have become heroines now. It was just because Masterji used to show us each expression ahead of the shooter,” the actor added.

On the flip side, Saroj simply stated, “All of my heroines are my favorite.” Incidentally, Saroj was found on the places once the Dance India Dance team celebrated Kareena’s birthday beforehand.