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Keith Vaz indicted into escorts-drugs row, faces suspension

Vaz, 62, was the chairman of the powerful Home Affairs Committee as soon as the scandal appeared in tabloid Sunday Mirror. He stepped after concerns regarding conflict of interest concerning the work of this committee and issues which figured in the sting operation.

The committee said it discovered that Vaz acted in breach of para 16 of the House of Commons Code of Conduct, which states: “Members will never undertake any activity which would cause substantial harm to the integrity and reputation of the home of Commons as a whole, or even of its Members normally”.

The committee stated Vaz”disregarded” the legislation by”expressing a willingness” to provide cocaine to 2 male prostitutes, including there was”persuasive evidence” he secured a class A drug and paid-for intercourse in August 2016.

The watchdog said in its report which Vaz’s claim he had met with the guys to go over the redecoration of the apartment was”ridiculous”.

The committee stated in its report:”By expressing openness to buy a Class A drug, cocaine, for other people to use, thus showing disregard for the law, and from neglecting to co-operate entirely with the inquiry procedure, thereby demonstrating disrespect for the House’s criteria system, he’s caused considerable harm to the integrity and reputation of the home of Commons as a whole”.

“This is a significant violation of this Code. We urge that the House must suspend Mr Vaz out of its support for six months. We notice that this suspension, even if agreed by the House, will activate the conditions of the Recall of MPs Act 2015 and also call for a recall request to be opened in Mr Vaz’s constituency”.

The committee also suggested that when Vaz was to stop to be an MP for some reason, he must not be eligible to be awarded an former member’s pass.

The report included that Vaz’s behavior was disrespectful of their home’s system of criteria: “He’s failed, repeatedly, to answer direct questions; he’s given incomplete replies and his accounts have, in components, been phenomenal”, it stated.