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Kendall Jenner Planned Pal Hailey Baldwin’s Bachelorette Party Ahead of Wedding into Justin Bieber

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrity, 23, has been”the one in charge of All of the prep” to Baldwin’s fun-filled event on Wednesday, September 25, a supply solely shows to Us Weekly.

“She came in Hailey’s house before, picked her up, took her into the restaurant, the club afterward then took her house,” the insider adds. “She had been the one caring for the bride the whole night.”

Jenner picked up celebration stalls from Hustler in West Hollywood beforehand. “She purchased cock cups, straws, a manhood piƱata, and other interesting products,” the source notes. “She was laughing the whole time and was enjoying the preparation and excited about the night ahead. Kendall was Hailey’s side all evening.”

Bieber, meanwhile, went to church around 8 p.m. that night.

She wore a strapless midi apparel in oyster white out of UK retailer Polly’sOpens a New Window. , that costs just under $60.

Kelia Moniz, a professional surfer, was in attendance at your bride celebration.

The team dined at Ysabel restaurant before hitting Delilah at L.A.”They had been having a terrific time,” the eyewitness informs Us. “Each time we watched Hailey, she was hysterical laughing. She seemed like she had been having the time of her life. She was luminous and looked amazing.”

Jenner, meanwhile, “was at a fantastic mood too” because she wore”a candy necklace using a penis necklace.” She”looked like the ringleader of this celebration” and has been”playing this up with the manhood props and joking around.”

Before Baldwin’s bachelorette party, a source informed Us that she obtained pampered at Pellequr spa at Beverly Hills, California.

Frequently, around once per month and constantly receives the Pellequr signature wash,” the insider revealed. “Last weekend after she visited, she included the CBD with all the lymphatic drainage. Peller spa is all about getting rid of older skin also concentrates on flaking and rejuvenating. Hailey came to include CBD to eliminate any inflammation and also did the body cure for 75 minutes.”

Baldwin softly said”I do” into the 25-year-old”Sorry” singer in September 2018. Back in August, a source informed Us the few “were beginning to examine collapse dates” due to their official service.