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Kesha Says She Is’Healthier Than Ever’ Following Long Legal Battle With Dr. Luke:’I Received My Balls Back’

Back on her toes. Revealed she is “fitter than “because her lengthy legal battle with her ex-producer Dr. Luke continues.

“I received back my balls, and they are larger than ever,” the pop star said in a meeting using Billboard Opens a New Window. They are printed on Thursday, September 26.

In 2014, the singer, now 32, filed a suit against Dr. Luke, 46, to void their contracts, alleging the manufacturer had “sexually, emotionally, verbally, and emotionally mistreated [Kesha] to the stage where [she] almost lost her own life,” according to court records. Kesha dropped the fees but Dr. Luke, who denied the allegations, countersued for over $50 million for defamation and breach of contract.

She informed Billboard she is currently focusing on precisely what makes her happy — songs.

“There are several what-ifs, and very frankly, I am not permitted to discuss it,” that the “Tik Tok” singer stated. “And I am not utilized not to be an open book about what — but I really do need to defer to my attorneys with this one, plus they are like,’Concentrate on the songs, pay attention to your happiness and psychological wellness, and we are going to deal with this’ Doing this has been dramatically valuable.”

Stated she’s now “composing the f–k from a few pop tunes,” her first fresh musicians a New Window. Because of her third studio record, Rainbow.

“I did the treatment,” she explained, noting that today she is feeling “a massive purge of feelings.”

In 2017, Kesha published “Praying,” the vocally driven, psychological balladOpens a New Window. It was a departure from her typical carefree party songs.

“I stumbled through the emotional wreckage, and today I could return to talking a small amount of sh–t,” she explained. “I wanted to place a good footprint back to pop songs, for example,’I could do so, and that I could do it in my.’ I don’t know whether this is my final pop album, but I wish to have one at which I head out with a bang.”

Her next record, due this December, is a call back into the partying pop tunes that kickstarted her livelihood, such as “Your Love is My Medication” and “We Who We R.”

“It is the joy which I started my career with,” she explained. “However, it seems more earned and fitter than ever. Section of the record is resurrecting the simple fact which you’re able to be an f–king jumble on your head daily, then you may likewise be glittered-up and have the best night of your life.”

The Grammy nominee also teased her forthcoming songs to her fans onto Twitter on Thursday.

“Y’all deserve to learn first… Spoiler alert — I Received My Ball’s Back.”