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Kim Jong Un rides horse sacred Summit, vows to Battle US sanctions

Last updated on October 17, 2019

The pictures within his country’s official press revealed a bespectacled Kim, sporting a long, light-brown fur and riding up snow-covered Mount Paektu on horseback.

The place and the creature are symbols connected with the Kim family’s dynastic rule. The maximum point on the Korean Peninsula is sacred on North Koreans, and Kim has seen it before making important decisions like the 2013 implementation of his strong uncle and his 2018 entry into diplomacy with Seoul and Washington.

The pictures and Kim’s remarks were published days following his nation’s first nuclear negotiations with the U.S. over seven weeks fell apart.

South Korean press immediately speculated Kim might be contemplating a new approach in his dealings with the U.S. because he has previously demanded Washington develop fresh suggestions to salvage the stalemated diplomacy at the end of December.

“He, sitting on the horseback atop Mt Paektu, recollected with profound emotion that the street of arduous battle he covered for the fantastic cause of creating the most effective nation with religion and will as business since Mt Paektu,” the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said.

The official biography of Kim Jong Un’s dad, Kim Jong Il, states that the second-generation chief was born Paektu when a dual rainbow filled the heavens.

The horse can be a propaganda symbol to the Kim family who has ruled North Korea for seven years having a powerful personality cult surrounding household members. State media have sometimes shown Kim, his sister and his dad riding horses. The symbolism goes back to Kim Il Sung, who based on the North’s official story, rode a white horse whilst combating Japanese colonial rulers.

KCNA said Kim also seen nearby building sites in Samjiyon County and whined about U.S.-led U.N. sanctions imposed on his country due to its nuclear and missile applications.

“The problem of the nation is difficult due to the ceaseless sanctions and stress by the forces that are hostile and numerous hardships and trials are confronting us,” Kim was quoted as stating. “However, our people grew more powerful throughout the trials and discovered their method of growth and discovered how to consistently win in the face of trials”

Kim also stated”the pain that the U.S.-led anti-(North Korea) hostile forces imposed upon the Korean peopleā€¦ turned to their rage,” according to KCNA. “Regardless of what persistent attempts the enemy creates, we could live nicely with our own attempts and pave the path to prosperity and development in our own manner.”

North Korea continues to be slapped with a total of 11 rounds of sanctions because 2006. The sanctions are toughened since 2016 when Kim started conducting a series of high-profile atomic and missile tests, plus they comprise a complete ban on key exports like coal, textiles, and fish plus a substantial curtailing of petroleum imports.

Throughout his next peak with President Donald Trump at Vietnam in February, Kim required the United States lift the broader and biting sanctions in exchange for dismantling his chief nuclear complex, a restricted denuclearization step. Trump refused that, and also the summit dropped without realizing any offer. The two leaders held a short, impromptu meeting in the Korean border in late June and agreed to restart talks.