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Kit Harington says his Game of Thrones Encounter will come Useful for Marvel’s The Eternals

Kit Harington is equally”excited and terrified” to create his debut at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the forthcoming film The Eternals and he also considers his expertise on his breakout series HBO’s Game of Thrones will end up being helpful.

Harington is your next star from the epic dream series, who’s set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) introduction following fellow-actor Richard Madden combined the movie’s team earlier this season. The 32-year-old celebrity will essay the part of Dane Whitman, who goes by the title of Black Knight from the comics. He’s the wielder of sword, the Ebony Blade. In the ACE Comic Con at Chicago, the celebrity opened about the much-anticipated job.

“Really what I am excited about is becoming involved in a brand new universe, at a new world. Anyhow here, I will see exactly how passionate men and women are about this planet…

“I am just thrilled, it is a completely new chapter and also a completely new personality to begin considering, and one which, without saying too much, about the surface may seem just a tiny bit like Jon Snow… but really, I believe there is a good deal to be done that is different,” Harington explained.

The actor said a lot of those celebrities that have joined the MCU came without the expertise of toplining a big-budget franchise but that isn’t true with him.

“I have lived with thrones’ for ten decades, I have understood a significant franchise and something which’s made a planet and it has a massive fan base. So for the two reasons, I am terrified and excited. I understand the duty of celebrities who arrived into the Throne’s understanding they’re enjoying a beloved personality and that they had a duty for fans and to individuals to do anything with this personality. And for me, looking at this brand new world, I am ready because I have been a part of a world… but I have been a part of a world, so I’m terrified.”

“I am planning to perform a superhero, that can be cool. I don’t understand what I could say about it, I am afraid to kind of mention it. I am attempting to pick matters away from Jon Snow as you can, but I am enjoying with a superhero and he has a sword,” he explained.