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Kolkata call Centers defrauding UK citizens Closed in joint operation

Two Kolkata-based call centers instrumental in defrauding thousands of Britons from the guise of offering computer security applications have been closed after a crackdown by Indian and British authorities with software leading Microsoft.

The sum defrauded runs into thousands and thousands of pounds.

Fraudsters are known as individuals, claiming to be from Microsoft, stating that their computer security was compromised. They’d then sell a useless piece of applications for approximately #200, or fool the victim into permitting access to their pc as well as some other online bank account, they would then empty.

The authorities believe this offense is under-reported by 60 percent.

Commander Karen Baxter stated: “All these raids and arrests indicate the successful culmination of a four-year surgery. Working with Indian governments and Microsoft, we’ve stopped lots of criminal call centers from preying on UK taxpayers”

“Make no mistake: these firms are the help of unscrupulous criminals who’ll stop at nothing to bleed their victims dry. They’re extremely persuasive, tenacious and have developed complex systems in a bid to elude capture,” she added.

The authorities said impersonation fraud is among the most widespread kinds of fraud. Reported declines in precisely the same period were more than 9 million.

Hugh Milward of Microsoft UK said: “This type of deception won’t go away and efficient public/private partnerships are crucial if we want to fight complex cybercriminals who run on a worldwide scale.”

“We’re working together with law enforcement, here in the united kingdom and globally, to handle these crimes and those arrests is an excellent result for those that have been targeted by fallen prey to such fraudsters”.