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Kosovo asks Apple Maps to Reveal it as an independent State

Kosovo’s foreign ministry has delivered a letter to Apple, requesting her nation’s boundaries to be displayed on maps.

On Sunday, Meliza Haradinaj submitted a picture of her correspondence to Apple CEO Tim Cook Twitter, urging the organization to”take immediate actions to properly present Kosovo’s internationally recognized boundaries in its own AppleMap Service”.

About Apple Maps, Kosovo is revealed as part of Serbia, something that the minister said was “in direct contradiction of their legal and political realities.”

“It’s felt as [a] hurt by our taxpayers who suffered massive losses in our independence struggle,” said Haradinaj.

“It’s also perceived as an insult to our nation.”

The letter added that Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is prepared to work closely with Apple on the situation.

Haradinaj also said other electronic service providers — such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook — had upgraded”their stage, menus, and alternatives to properly reflect the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent country.”

Meanwhile, on Google Maps, Kosovo is portrayed as a contested land with dotted lines.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to Euronews’ petition for comment.

The discussion about political cartography from the Balkans was recently improved by a contentious tweet from UK singer Dua Lipa, whose parents are out of Kosovo.

Lipa sparked a massive response on the internet by joining a map of Kosovo, Albania, and parts of several other surrounding countries together with the definition of this phrase”autochthonous”, seeming to indicate Albanians belonged there.

Dua Lipa afterward said in an announcement on Twitter she didn’t encourage cultural separatism, including: “We all deserve to be pleased with our ethnicity and where we’re from.”

“I just want my nation to be represented on a map and also to have the ability to talk with pride and pleasure about my Albanian origins,” she wrote.

The tweets came following an online petition has been started calling for Apple Maps to reveal Kosovo as an independent nation. On Tuesday, the request had over 170,000 signatures.

The other UK singer, Rita Ora, that had been born in Kosovo’s capital Pristina, has additionally tweeted her service for the nation to look on Apple Maps.

Kosovo seceded from Serbia following a 1998-99 war which finished with a 78-day NATO air campaign against Serbian troops.

Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008, but Serbia has vowed to admit Kosovo’s statehood, and tensions have simmered ever since.

Many European governments and the US recognize Kosovo, but not Serbia’s major allies, such as Russia.

Before this month, the European Union commended the leaders of both Serbia and Kosovo for resuming face-to-face conversations following talks were suspended for more than a year and a half.