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Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci ‘charged as war crimes including crimes against humanity’

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci and nine other former separatists are indicted on war crimes charges.

He’s been billed alongside Kadri Veseli, chief of the opposition Democratic Party of Kosovo and former parliament speaker, with a court set up to investigate crimes committed against ethnic Serbs during and after the battle.

A statement by a prosecutor of this Kosovo Specialist Chambers issued Wednesday said President Hashim Thaci and others suspects”are accountable for almost 100 murders” of political opponents and Kosovar Albanian, Serb and Roma victims, AP reported Wednesday.

Other fees comprise enforced disappearance, persecution, and torture. Thaci controlled fighters at the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, throughout the war.

Thaci’s office stated later on Wednesday he’d return home following the fees”interrupted” his projected visit to Washington to talk worries with Serbia. His office didn’t define his whereabouts.

Tensions between the center of the side on Serbia’s rejection of Kosovo’s independence announced in 2008 from the state’s ethnic Albanian majority after breaking in a bloody war.

The EU’s’second’

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is still expected to combine this weekend’s talks, that can be set to occur in the White House.

“I believe this procedure was a lawful one, which nevertheless, has a very significant political impact,” Vessela Tcherneva, deputy manager of the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank advised Euronews,

“Thaci was gambling on the US to escape this legal procedure… he had been saying Washington is a source of political legitimacy… and this conclusion of the court essentially simplifies his ambition”

Kosovo is just one of six Western Balkan countries that are trying to join the European Union, subject to fulfilling the bloc’s requirements for individual rights and lawful requirements.

“This is an essential time for the EU to establish it may match the UN Security Council Resolution, that has given the EU the major role in settling the dispute between Serbia and Kosovo,” Tcherneva explained.