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Language Soccer: how the lower leagues are Urgently seeking cash

Cash-strapped clubs in the English soccer league are in dire need of financial aid to stop a lot of them from moving out of business because the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc upon the game.

Had put forward suggestions for project Big Picture’ – portion of that would offer the league sides with #250m to help them pay their losses but that strategy was rejected.

Reduced league clubs fear they might be unable to continue much longer. Leyton Orient FC is just one of these clubs.

“If you have a look at our initial budget for this season, on game day alone since there are not any audiences we dropped #900,000, simply as people did not turn up,” explains Nigel Travis club chairman. “Should you choose in non-match times once we rent outside the workroom in the arena, we dropped #200,000. In addition to this, you need to remember we’re paying a great deal of cash to encourage COVID-19 protocols”

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