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Last-ditch Push for Brexit deal as Macron Recommends Rapid Choice

UK and EU negotiators will try again on Monday to make headway on Brexit, while Boris Johnson’s staff enter diplomatic overdrive to attempt to induce a compromise against Brussels on the British government’s suggestions.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron advised that the UK prime minister by telephone that the EU needed to ascertain quickly if a deal was not possible. The EU needs lots of time to plan its strategy before a critical European Council summit on October 17-18.

For his part, Johnson informed the French president that the EU shouldn’t be lured into thinking the UK would remain in the bloc following October 31.

He and his fans continue to replicate the message that there’ll not be any new Brexit delay at the end of the month even though the British parliament has legislated effectively obliging the prime minister to look for a different extension if no arrangement has been agreed with the EU.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Saturday that on the grounds of his mandate by the EU27, he didn’t believe advancement might be made unless the British shifted their position.

European leaders have reacted coolly into the UK’s suggestions, which might observe Northern Ireland depart the customs union in addition to the rest of the UK, but stay in the only market for products.

The European Commission stated on Friday the British plan filed last week failed to supply the basis for reaching an agreement.

Boris Johnson has confessed that habits checks will be inescapable on the island of Ireland, and also the Irish government — supported by the EU — needs to prevent. The British state that these could be largely automatic, and also take place from the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The EU considers the chance of a tricky border is too fantastic.

Brussels insists any alternate strategy to the backstop has to be both plausible and legally enforceable. The UK would like to ditch the EU’s insurance measure as included in the negotiated withdrawal arrangement, which will keep the UK at a customs union with the EU shouldn’t alternate solution be discovered.

The prime minister has promised that his strategy would have the aid of parliament, which resisted the present exit bargain three times. It has contributed to more criticism which the UK is once more negotiating with itself instead of using the EU.