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Leaked Batman set Images reveal first Glance at Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, Colin Farrell as Penguin

A day later he had been confirmed to be playing the Penguin in manager Matt Reeves’ forthcoming Batman movie, photographs of actor Colin Farrell in the London collections of this film have been shared on the internet. Besides fuzzy shots of Farrell, the pictures also show several Gotham City police officers and sign at a particular time frame for the movie.

The photographs were shared by an individual who claimed that the movie was shot close to his office. Filming The Batman out my offices this afternoon!” The first group of photographs show a road dressed to look like Gotham, complete with police cars and news outlets.

In a different tweet, the identical man shared remote shots of a blond guy, walking with an umbrella. Fans were fast to mention it is none besides Farrell, in full costume as Oswald Cobblepot — that the protagonist is famous for his multipurpose umbrella. The third group of photos reveal a guy on a bike, with his face obscured by a helmet.

The individual who posted the images clarified, “It sure looked like Colin Farrell and Curious about the quality but I was two floors up, and it had been on maximum zoom on my cellphone via a dirty window…!”

The pictures seem to tease a Gotham that’s nearer to the augmented reality of director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy compared to the fantastical setting of their old Batman films.

The long-in-production movie is slated to launch in 2021. Actor Jonah Hill was formerly rumoured to have been given the part of the Penguin.

The movie was formerly supposed to be led by Ben Affleck, who was also predicted to come back in the title role. Affleck dropped from the director’s seat and has been replaced by Reeves. But following the commercial and critical failure of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Affleck declared he would be stepping away from the function entirely.