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‘Leave our Kids Exclusively’ Hungarian PM Informs Author of LGBT Publication

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has ardently opposed a brand new children’s book featuring gay characters, telling the publishers Sunday to”leave our kids alone”.

“Hungary has legislation on homosexuality, which can be predicted in a highly tolerant and individual strategy,” Orbán stated in a public radio interview.

“To sum up my view: leave our kids,” he explained.

Orbán was requested about a guide published by an institution of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community adapting famous legends and tales with personalities from marginalized minorities like those that are handicapped, bad, Roma, and LGBT. By way of instance, in 1 story Cinderella is homosexual, in another a dragon slayer is transgender.

A spontaneous civil society motion is known for the publication to be pulled from the marketplace, and an intense right-wing politician tore up a copy in a media conference.

The association of booksellers and publishers condemned those responses, comparing them into the mindset of this”Greek and Nazi” censors, although the textbook took good advantage of the accidental publicity to climb into the peak of the sales graphs.

A new age’ of conservative policies in Hungary

In 2018, Orbán established a job to get a cultural”new age”, with the stated goal of protecting Christian and traditional principles.

It saw the elimination of”Gender Studies”, an interdisciplinary area of study on societal relations between the genders, from the nation’s universities.

At precisely the same year, Elton John’s musical Billy Elliot was eliminated from the National Opera because of a lack of reservations, following a pro-government media campaign accused the job of encouraging homosexuality.

Last May, Budapest prohibited the registration of gender reassignment from the civil register and the lawful recognition of their gender identity of transgender folks, despite numerous foreign protests.

Homosexuality in Hungary has been decriminalized because the early 1960s and civil marriages between same-sex couples are recognized as 1996.

Back in September 2018, the European Parliament triggered a process under Article 7 of the Union Treaty for breach of EU values, which in theory may result in sanctions.

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