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Lebanon Burst: one week Later Burst, Beirut pauses to Recall the dead

The ravaged town of Beirut on Tuesday declared per week because of the devastating explosion which killed at least 171 people, injured tens of thousands, and plunged Lebanon into a deeper political crisis.

Thousands of people marched near the devastated port, remembering those who perished in the most damaging single blast to reach the nation.

They observed a moment of silence at 6:08 p.m. local time, the second on Aug. 4 which tens of thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate exploded from the town’s port where it was stored for at least six decades, apparently with the knowledge of leading security and political officers.

Hundreds marched through the streets of this hard-hit area of Gemayze carrying portraits of their deceased before a candlelight vigil after dusk close to the vent.

“He understood,” read a poster posture President Michel Aoun’s movie.

Mountain office as 2016, said Friday that he was told of this dangerous stockpile nearly 3 weeks ago and promptly ordered security and military agencies to perform”what was required.” However, he indicated that his duty ended there, stating he had no jurisdiction within the vent.

“I am quite furious, I am enraged, I am mad, I am sad.

Like many others, he stated the government’s resignation makes no real difference.

“First of all, you will find questions which have to be replied. And second, you can find different rats which have to be brought down, and if they’re brought down then perhaps we could begin considering the near future,” he added.

Young people carried placards, everyone published with the names of a death at a red and a green cedar, Lebanon’s national emblem, and sat stairs at the Gemayze district, facing the vent. Elsewhere in town, burials of the deceased continued.

The explosion has fueled outrage against leading political leaders and safety agencies and contributed to the resignation of the authorities on Monday. In the aftermath of the tragedy, papers came to light that demonstrates that high Lebanese officials knew about the occurrence of the stockpile in the core of Beirut nearby residential areas and did nothing about that.

Aoun vowed, “to all Lebanese that are in pain which I won’t be silent and won’t rest until the details are shown.” He tweeted referring the case to the Supreme Judicial Council is just the initial step.

It wasn’t clear what caused the fire at a port warehouse which triggered the explosion of these compounds, which generated a shock wave so strong that it had been felt as far away as the island of Cyprus, over 200 km (180 kilometers ) throughout the Mediterranean.

The explosion ruined thousands of flats and offices in the funds and arrived amid an unparalleled economic and fiscal crisis confronting the country since late last year.

U.N. food bureau head David Beasley, who said that the day before he’s”very, very worried” Lebanon could run from bread at about two and a half, told The Associated Press the World Food Program was considering all options to ensure there are no interruptions from the food source.

“We are taking a look at the port of Tripoli. We are taking a look at the rest of the choices, trucking food as well as sending food flying food whatever it takes,” Beasley said. “We would like to receive the vent operating as rapidly as possible because that is the least expensive way to feed the most people”

His administration, which was encouraged by the militant group Hezbollah and its allies, sought following the deadly explosion, together with three ministers declaring they were stopping.

His administration was formed following his predecessor, Saad Hariri, resigned in October in response to anti-government demonstrations over Allied corruption. It took weeks of bickering among the direction factions until they settled Diab.

Lebanese have demanded a different Cabinet not endorsed by some of the political parties that they blame for the mess they’re in. Most are also calling for an independent investigation to the vent burst, stating they had zero hope at a local probe.

Lebanese officials have rejected a worldwide investigation. The authorities, at the last decision, is made before resigning, referred the case to the Supreme Judicial Council, Lebanon’s leading judicial body, that manages crimes infringing on national security in addition to political and state security offenses.

The state-run National News Agency explained that following the case has been called the Supreme Judicial Council, say prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat will keep his job as an overall judicial prosecutor. A explained that the analysis will last by the military authorities and say prosecution and fees will be afterward registered to the judicial investigator who’s to be appointed by the incoming minister of justice.

The ammonium nitrate, a compound used in fertilizers and explosives, originated from a cargo ship named MV Rhosus that was traveling in the country of Georgia into Mozambique in 2013. It created an unscheduled detour into Beirut since the Russian shipowner was fighting with debts and expected to make a little excess money in Lebanon. Not able to pay port charges and leaking, the boat has been impounded.