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Lebanon’s Qasr Moussa: The story of This man who built his Very Own castle

From the mountains, the site of Qasr Moussa – or Moussa Castle – tells the story of a frequent guy who chased the dream of creating his castle.

Moussa Al Maamary first awakened the notion aged only 14, to impress a local woman he adored.

After decades of working in the recovery of famous national landmarks, Moussa obtained the abilities and the financing to make his vision a reality.

It might take the following 38 years to finish the structure.

“He built it with his hand, by himself, stone by stone,” explains Ziad Al Maamary,” Moussa’s son and co-manager of the website. “He awakened every rock, and each rock has a different layout as you see. Every rock is a piece of art.”

Moussa, who passed away in 2018, desired his castle for a monument to his love for his nation.

Now handled by his three sons, this place doubles as a museum, welcoming hordes of tourists each year.

The website houses historical artefacts and curiosities crossing more than two millennia, such as weaponry, tools, jewellery, coinage and pottery.

He even brought his son and nephew on a day visit to Qasr Moussa to educate them about its ancestors.

“It is amazing since the stuff that is in this is as ancient as my dad and his parents,” he informed Euronews. “They have got small examples of quite a few different things I haven’t experienced myself my dad and grandparents have”

The Al Maamary brothers aim to keep adding into the castle’s sets, maintaining their dad’s memory.

For Ziad, over a touristic website, he expects his dad’s accomplishment will act as inspiration for romantics global.

“He fulfilled his fantasy and he turned into a sign to all generations which nothing is hopeless,” he states.