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Lewis Hamilton wins Russian Grand Prix to Transparency Ferrari renaissance

Last updated on October 2, 2019

The defending five-time winner came home 3.829 minutes before team-mate and closest championship competition Valtteri Bottas since Mercedes took good advantage of Ferrari’s reliability and strategic problems by providing a Silver Arrows one-two. Having caught the lead from pole guy Charles Leclerc about the opening lap, Sebastian Vettel dismissed team requests to let him pass until he suffered a mechanical failure and ceased on lap 28.

The consequent Safety Car period talented Mercedes, who began medium tires while their competitions used softs, an opportunity to expand their Sochi supremacy to six successive wins. Leclerc came home a frustrated and frustrating third, asserting he anticipated Vettel to reimburse him for his slip-stream at a hurry punctuated by two Security Car Estimates and one usage of this Virtual Safety Car.

Hamilton’s win was his first since the Hungarian Grand Prix on August 4, his eponymous 16 outings this season along with also the 82nd of his livelihood, lifting him 73 points clear on peak of the drivers’ title race. He scored an extra point for fastest lap. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen completed fourth, with started ninth, before team-mate Alex Albon, who’d started in the pit lane.

“That is exactly what we had,” exclaimed a delighted Hamilton about the group radio after a flawless tactical operation by Mercedes.

“It had been an unbelievable job by all of the staff – not giving up.

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“At least we’re consistent,” he explained. “it is a pity for the staff to not have us … I’ll always trust that the group, but our strategy was for me to provide the slipstream, which I did – then, well I want to consult with the staff about this”

Leclerc had left a fresh start, but Vettel appreciated a great launch from third party to pass Hamilton from the first corner after slip-streaming that the Monegasque, taking the lead.

“We’re looking into the swap farther in the race,” Ferrari informed Leclerc, running next, indicating they’d agreed to reimburse him for punching through the atmosphere because of his team-mate.

This was verified when Leclerc was advised’Sebastian will allow you by following lap’ – an arrangement never welcomed by Vettel because he remained facing 1.4 minutes with Hamilton adrift in third.

Vettel said Leclerc, defeated in Singapore with a plan conclusion in Vettel’s favor, had to shut up.

“I admired everything,” replied Leclerc. “We will talk later, but today it’s tough to close the gap. Obviously.”

A revitalized Vettel has been 3.6 minutes clear by lap 16 as Leclerc held off Hamilton before the group freed him to assault before he collaborated for mediums on lap 23, Hamilton carrying second.

The Ferrari re-joined fourth supporting Bottas. In two laps, Vettel said’my rears are falling today’, but Ferrari left out him until lap 27 when, using a three-seconds cease, he had been half a second slower than Leclerc and re-joined behind him.

Vettel’s race finished seconds later when a power failure watched him quit in Turn 15. A digital Security Automobile (VSC) was set up and, instantly, Hamilton pitted for softs followed closely by Bottas.

A luckless Vettel vented his frustration on the group radio because he climbed out of his car.

Hamilton’s altitude to pioneer gave him an album as chief of 143 Grands Prix, more than Michael Schumacher.

Ferrari subsequently called in Leclerc to get a pair of scrubbed softs. He also re-joined third supporting Bottas since the area compacted to get a 21-lap sprint to the flag. On the re-start, Hamilton pulled two moments apparent, leaving Bottas to withstand Leclerc’s superior flat-rate rate using a fighting display.