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LGBT campaigners denounce President Duda’s Remarks on”communism”

Polish President Andrzej Duda detained on Saturday that the LGBT movement of progressing ideas which are more damaging than communism and stated he agreed with the other conservative politician who said that”LGBT isn’t people, it is an ideology.”

Duda’s opinions came in the tiny town of Brzeg because he had been holding a rally to get his presidential re-election.

“We certainly see quite recent history repeating itself,” Melnyk informed Euronews.

“We’re now quite fearful what will occur with the motion after quite daring and dangerous statements from the President”.

Duda told his fans that his parents’ generation didn’t struggle to throw off communism simply to now take”an ideology” that he believes”is more damaging to the individual being.”

The president stated that through Poland’s communist era, which lasted for at least four years, regimes guaranteed survival by indoctrinating the youngest generation.

“That has been Bolshevism. It had been the ideologizing of kids,” he explained.

“Nowadays there are also tries to push ideology and our kids, but distinct. It is completely new, but it’s likewise neo-Bolshevism.”

Earlier in the week, Duda signed a statement drafted for its said purpose of assisting households that included a speech on”protecting kids from LGBT ideology” with a ban on”dispersing LGBT ideology in public associations”

Many conservative leaders in Poland say they’re not against homosexual men and lesbians as people but insist that they oppose the aims of a civil rights movement they assert is imported from overseas and threatens to sexualize young men and women.

But gay and lesbian Poles and liberal Poles state government officials are embracing a speech of dehumanization. They consider Duda and many others are targeting homosexuals to curry favor with all the Catholic church and also shore up support among conservative voters before the election.

The election is scheduled for June 28, using a second-round comprising both leading candidates on July 12, if not one of the contenders wins at least 50%.

Lately, a series of notable conservative politicians have talked about”LGBT ideology” The deputy head of the governing party, Joachim Brudzinski, composed Thursday on Twitter which”Poland with no LGBT is beautiful.” His tweet included a picture of Jesus and eggs at a bird’s nest — a bird living” realizing God’s strategy,” he explained.

Asked about the tweet in a Friday rally,” presidential challenger Trzaskowski explained: “Should you apply the words Poland without somebody’ — and it does not matter who — that’s dividing Poles, also we’ve experienced enough of dividing Poles.”

“I think anybody who uses this type of speech will pay a political cost,” Trzaskowski explained.

Another conservative lawmaker got kicked off the atmosphere in the center of a Friday meeting with personal broadcaster TVN for stating”LGBT isn’t people, it is an ideology.”

“I am very hopeful that, although the matter is divisive in Polish politics, it is going to mobilize a lot of individuals to vote at the elections,” Slava Melnyk informed Euronews.