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Long-lost Cimabue masterpiece Discovered hanging kitchen sells for $24m

Last updated on October 28, 2019

A painting discovered in an older lady’s kitchen over her cooker has offered for 24 million euros ($26.6 million) in an auction.

The long-lost art by Cimabue, a 13th-century Italian artist, was seen as soon as an auction home specialist arrived at the girl’s house in Compiegne, north of Paris.

It’s one of only around 10 of those artist’s known functions to have survived to this day.

The very small painting, measuring only 20 by 26 cm (roughly 8 by 10 inches), is thought to be a part of a diptych comprising eight small panels.

The painting sold for over four occasions the pre-auction quote, auction Acteon home mentioned on Sunday.

“To complete at $24,180,000 is greater than we could have dreamed of,” explained Dominique Le Content, the mind of this auction house.

“It had been the sale of possibilities, meaning that an immense painter, Cimabue, plus also a special work of art. There aren’t any others. From there on, anyone who desired a Cimabue painting now was prepared for whatever.”

The auction house didn’t disclose the identity of the bidder but stated a foreign museum was one of the bidders.

Born in Florence, Cimabue, also referred to as Cenni di Pepo, was a pioneering Italian crude painter.

He had been among the very first to use paint and perspective at a more natural fashion that broke with literary and literary traditions.