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Losing weight naturally and quickly

Done with the weight loss programmes or diet weeks, yet you are not satisfied? Do you restrict yourself forcefully from eating your favourite food and at last the weighing machine still shows the same numbers?  If yes, then you definitely need to read this article for you are missing on some basic essentials in your understanding of the weight loss system of the body.

Below we provide a brief guide on how you can have effective and faster results in your efforts of losing weight in a natural way.

  1. First comes your diet – You may not like it hearing once again, but unfortunately what you eat or drink majorly counts for your weight gain. Take a note of not only the things you should add in your meals but also be cautious of the things you should not.
Foods you should eatFoods you should not
Protein increases metabolism. So take more of it. Eggs, peanuts, salmon, black beans etc.Say no to processed foods. These are high in calories.
Eat whole foodsAdded sugar
Drink a lot of waterLiquids like soft drinks, chocolate milk, juices etc.
Unsweetened tea or coffeeWhite bread
Munch on healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, yogurtFried foods
Increase your fibre intakeLimit your visit to bakery for a while. Refrain yourself from having cakes, cookies etc.
  1. Next is your work out session – Be it cycling, running, jogging or power walking all these are helpful in burning calories. Start with one and you may replace it with another for a few days. Consult your gym instructor for particular kinds of exercise required for your body.
  1. Equally important is sleep – People lacking on sleep are more prone to be obese as per studies.  So don’t let your appetite hormones feel disturbed by giving them inadequate sleep.
  1. Be a mindful eater – Be cautious of what you are eating. Do not indulge in emotional eating or binge eating. Keep an occasional track of the calorie intake. Being aware of your body helps you lose weight naturally and effectively.
  1. Shift your lifestyle habits – The aim should be to become a healthier and a fitter person permanently and not to lose weight on a temporary basis. So if you will follow a strict diet, the chances are that you will fail most likely because your body can’t face extreme situations permanently. It may rather show adverse effects on your health. 

Like all creatures, humans are blessed with sense organs which are bound to experience temptations. While on hand we can manage partial control on these with our will power, it is not feasible and also desirable to supress your tiny cravings like food all the time especially when you can have a healthy substitute to it. For, what is not available in market today or the experiments you can do with so much of information available? So don’t stop yourself, just go the right way. Nourish yourself with healthy food and keep a track of your daily routine.