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Luis Suarez’ Italian Examination scam comes back to bite star striker

Luis Suarez could have cheated in his Italian citizenship procedure, based on an investigation by Italy’s Guardia di Finanza and the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The analysis revealed the Barcelona and Uruguay striker had advance knowledge of these queries in the German language test that he took in Perugia as a part of his assignment to attain Italian citizenship before a desirable movement to Juventus.

Suarez is from Uruguay but contains Italian ancestors. If he can get Italian citizenship, then he would not need to occupy a non-EU place using a brand new team, also Turin-based Juventus have filled their quota.

According to the researchers, it is university chiefs who are the subject of the probe instead of the 33-year-old forwards himself.

Perugia is one of four schools permitted to release the certificate to foreigners wanting to obtain citizenship