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Lunar soil samples, first to be Accumulated in 44 Decades, arrive at Beijing

Chinese scientists have put their hands on a precious container interior of which would be the initial samples of dirt removed from the surface of the moon for 44 decades.

They have been brought back to earth from the Change-5 lunar probe before this week and are currently in Beijing prepared to be analyzed.

It is a substantial achievement for China’s moon program, and its leaders are hoping it is only a first step.

“Next year and the year after will be quite a busy time for our distance programs. We plan to complete 11 missions within a couple of decades,” explained Wu Yanhua, Vice Administrator of China National Space Administration and deputy chief commander of China Lunar Exploration Program.

“Our strategies include Change-7 and Change-8, which we’ll use as a chance to collaborate with relevant countries and global organizations to learn more about the building of a scientific research station on the moon”

Preliminary measurements indicate it comprises 1,731 grams of lunar samples.

They’re the very first dirt samples from the surface and underneath the surface of the moon because of the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 mission in 1976.