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Macron: Europe Should Possess a’more Combined and clear voice’ with Turkey

French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe had”a more united and crystal clear voice” on Turkey that is”no more a spouse”.

Macron categorized several Turkey’s activities as”inadmissible practices” for example its drilling activities near Cyprus which are”not worthy of a fantastic country”.

“We Europeans have to be firm and clear together with, not Turkey as a country and a people, however together with all the government of President Erdogan which now has had improper actions,” President Macron said in a press conference before a South European summit.

Macron stated Europe should prevent an escalation using Turkey but stated that Erdogan had to”explain” Turkish activities.

His remarks are as rising tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece will likely control the summit of European nations.

Macron also stated he would establish a French-German initiative to welcome migrants after the fire in the Moria camp at Lesbos. But he gave few details of a strategy to accomplish this, which he explained could be discussed now.

Tensions rose from the area after Ankara started exploratory drilling in disputed waters between Crete and Cyprus.

Greece and Turkey, both of whom are members of NATO, have deployed naval forces into the area.

Greece, in response, has also stated it intends to expand its territorial waters from six to 12 nautical miles in reaction to the present catastrophe.

Macron said Europe had to describe their”red line” and also to reengage with Turkey. The EU has tried to mediate with Turkey within the drilling activities.

“We all Mediterranean countries will need to reside in peace,” Macron added.