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Macron says Contentious malaria Medication will be tested to Be Used as COVID-19 Therapy

The French leader said in an exclusive interview with RFI radio the treatment proposed by Professor Didier Raoult, whom he visited in the Marseille University hospital a week,” was authorized by the competent authorities” and is currently” has ato be analyzed” to reveal”the potency and assess the toxicity”.

“Me, my function, and exactly what I did by visiting Dr. Raoult’s, would be to be certain that what he’s working — and he’s one of our best luminaries — is well within the frame of a clinical trial,” Macron explained.

“I state that because you need to be somewhat careful. The President of the French Republic isn’t there to state” such remedy is good or isn’t good”. My responsibility will be to make sure that each one of the therapeutic approaches pursued now can be subject to rigorous clinical trials, and as swiftly as possible so that a remedy is available.

“It is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of science. I’m convinced he [Didier Raoult] is an excellent scientist, and I am enthusiastic about what he says, and also that which he clarifies,” he added.

World leaders such as Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro were quick to move onto these studies but other scientists have lambasted Raoult’s methodology too narrow and as such, the outcomes were only observational.

France’s National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety additionally cautioned of the harmful side effects malaria and HIV medications could have following three people’s deaths were potentially connected to self-medication.

The agency consequently called on GPs to not follow Raoult’s footsteps by prescribing the medication for suspected instances of COVID-19, stressing that they should just be utilized in hospitals as part of clinical trials.

The amount of instances has also spanned the 2 million threshold.

France has been among the most impacted states after the US, Italy, and Spain.

Health police declared on Wednesday the French death toll had climbed to 17,167 with 10,643 listed in hospitals and the staying 6,524 in other wellness facilities such as nursing homes.

They carefully noticed that the number of individuals now hospitalized for the virus had gone down to the first time on Wednesday.