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Macron:’Honest prospect’ of Getting coronavirus vaccine Prepared in’Forthcoming months’

French President Emmanuel Macron explained a vaccine against coronavirus could soon be prepared since he spoke in a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday.

The French president is optimistic that the treatment will arrive” in the coming months” and hailed the EU collaboration on the topic during his address at Fort Brégançon, in the south-west of France.

“We’ve enhanced European collaboration on the vaccine collectively, by linking several other States and the Commission” in supporting EU makers to search for pathogens,” he explained.

“And also to make sure that we’ll have the ability to create them and send them to our inhabitants when they’re accessible,” the president stressed.

On August 11, Russia promised to have made its initial vaccine against coronavirus, but specialists flocked that the candidate hasn’t passed enough evaluations to be declared successful.

As the study accelerates to locate a vaccine, the EU Commission announced on Thursday that it procured 225 million doses of an expected COVID-19 vaccine by German firm CureVac — the fourth such agreement reached by the EU.

Brussels had already acquired 300 million doses of a prospective vaccine by French pharma firm Sanofi, in addition to a second 400 million of the one analyzed by Johnson & Johnson, in the united states.

On August 14, the Commission also signed a contract with Swedish-British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca for 300 million doses, with a choice for the following 100 million extra doses.