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Madeleine McCann suspect Researched over rape of Irish Girl in 2004

The principal suspect in the disappearance of British woman Madeleine McCann is the topic of a new criminal query, it has surfaced.

‘Spiritual B’ is presently being researched over the rape of a young Irish girl in 2004 at the Algarve area of Portugal, state prosecutors.

The alleged incident occurred three years before the disappearance of McCann, based on German authorities.

McCann, then three, went missing with an apartment that her family was staying at the Praia da Luz hotel on 3 May 2007.

Back in June 2020, German and British authorities identified Christian B – now in prison in Germany for an unrelated offense as the prime defendant in the situation.

The Irish girl had reported the alleged assault in 2004 however, it was just when she recognized the picture of Christian in the press earlier this season – about the McCann case – which she contacted police again.

“I will affirm to you that we’re also exploring the feeling of rape of a young Irish girl in 2004 at the Algarve (the area where Madeleine McCann vanished )”, German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters told AFP.